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JK Fit Motion is an author’s program product, uniting in a single system for training, nutrition, breathing, etc., the results of the author’s applied and scientific research activities from 1980 to the present day. The copyright of the software product is protected by the Patent Office.
The concept is based on the fact that high sports performance is obtained only if quality training activity related to catabolism and corresponding recovery related to anabolism are balanced and synergized. In this regard, loading and recovery (with the most important elements nutrition and possible intake of synergistic foods and nutritional supplements) are considered as two sides of the same process – training-recovery.
The program product examines a number of author’s principles and methods of training, as well as the methodology of “transforming” physical qualities into abilities for their effective use in human life.
JK Fit Motion was developed as a specialized form of functional fitness training taught at the Bio Fit College of Sports. Since 2015, it has been included in the taught specialties – fitness and conditioning, the first in sports for all, and the second in elite sports.

What sets us apart from the rest is:

01. The development of over 20 different training complexes, allowing to achieve individual adaptation of the trainees, according to the purpose and tasks of training. We have developed several training methods and principles. Our work on a scientific basis allows us to offer author’s manuals, study aids and books (see literature). This unites our theory and practice into a single science-based system.
02. The development of own equipment and facilities that can be used according to the conditions of the training hall or the home gym. Three of our fitness equipment are recognized as inventions and have protected patent rights. Our sports store also offers equipment from well-established companies, the goal of which is to quickly and fully ensure the training process. Representative rooms for functional-coordination training have been built in JK Gym Nautilus and JK PRO GYM.
03. Depending on the goal, tasks and current condition of each person, an individual nutritional program is developed.
04. The development of sports and healthy synergistic foods and nutritional supplements support both processes – nutrition and training, which achieves faster and more efficient results.
05. Anyone wishing to do self-monitoring is offered equipment and measuring devices, through which he can test and check his condition, nutrition and changes. Control is an integral part of the overall training-recovery process taking place during the preparation.
06. Along with the training methodology, the creation of a nutritional program and the material and technical provision, qualified instructors and personal trainers trained in the JK Fit Motion methodology are offered. Our program also includes training for specialists willing to work on our system. Graduates of our specialized course receive certificates from the “Bio Fit” College of Sports, licensed by the “Ministry of Education, Youth and Science” (MOMN). Pilates classes included in JK Fit Motion are issued by school representatives at locations.
07. We are the only ones in Bulgaria with our own training halls and a center for implementing the JK Fit Motion training concept.
08. JK Fit Motion has been used and tested in practice, at home and abroad, and its quality is evidenced by the actual results achieved.

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