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Professor Julian Karabiberov, Ph.D

Professor in the Department of Athletics at the National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” and Director of the College of Sports “Bio Fit”

Born on 14.07.1955 in the city of Sofia.
He completed his primary and secondary education in Pirdop.
He completed his military service in the city of Plovdiv.
In the period 1975-1979, a student at the “Georgi Dimitrov” VIF – Sofia.
For one year after graduation, he was a physical education teacher at the 10th Primary School in Sofia and a part-time teacher at the VIF.
In 1980, through a competitive exam, he was appointed as an athletics teacher (assistant) at the “Georgi Dimitrov” VIF.
In 1884 he was promoted to senior and in 1988 to chief assistant.
In 1988, he defended his dissertation on the topic “Experimental substantiation of a methodology for the development of local and regional muscle strength in 800 m runners”, with which he received the title of “KPN” (doctor).
In 1989, he did a one-month internship at the Ukrainian Institute of Physical Education, Kyiv.
In 1992, he was promoted to associate professor.
Regarding scientific work, see “Activities”!
Personal conditioning coach of more than 30 elite Bulgarian athletes from various sports, including Maria Grozdeva (shooting), Irina Konstantinova (windsurfing), Matej Kaziyski, Andrei Zhekov, Boyan Yordanov, Nikolay Nikolov, Bratoevi brothers (volleyball), Strashimira Filipova and Dobriyana Rabadzhieva (volleyball), Lyubomir Kostov (golf), Ekaterina Stratieva and Pavel Lefterov (automobilism), Vladimir Zografski (ski jumping), Inna Eftimova (athletics), Rado Yankov (snowboarding) and others. (see “Competitors”!
Fitness coach of the Bulgarian national basketball team in 1989-1990, ranked 7th at the European Championship in Zagreb (1990).
Fitness coach of the Bulgarian national volleyball team in its preparation for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, ranked 5th and 4th in the world rankings.
Fitness coach of the Bulgarian national volleyball team in 2015, placed 2nd at the Euro-Olympic Games in Baku (2015).
Coach in 4 athletics clubs in Denmark, including the first division SPARTA (Copenhagen) and FIF (Copenhagen) and assistant coach to the national head coach of Denmark in middle and long distance running – Henrik Larsen. – 1990-1991
Fitness coach of the Marek Union-Ivkoni volleyball club from 2011 to 2015 – 4-time national champion during the period with whom he developed an innovative system for fitness training in volleyball, based on a number of original training methods and principles.
Fitness Coach of the Women’s National Volleyball Team in 2018.
In 1998, he became the representative for Europe of the American school for the training of personal trainers C.O.R.F.I.T. and keynote speaker.
In 2010, he founded the Professional College of Sports “Bio Fit”, teaching the two specialties – “Training Coach” and “Fitness Instructor”. He independently developed the training programs for both specialties.
From 2006 to today, he is the founder and organizer of 3 athletics tournaments for children, teenagers and girls – Vrabnitsa Road Race – 2006-2008, International Tournament “Tsvetanka Hristova” – 2009-2016, Memorial “Grigor Hristov” “The Grisha” – 2016
In the period 1995 – 2016, he founded 8 educational and training complexes and halls, two sports clubs (MLO and Universal), developing athletics and fitness, a school of sailing sports, 2 sports magazines for fitness and physical training.
Publisher of the well-known American magazine for fitness and bodybuilding IRON MAN (2004-2009) and co-founder and publisher of Olymp magazine – an organ of the BFKF for the period 1995-2010.

For the period 1995-2016, he was the founder of a number of awards in the field of sports, a sponsor of a number of athletes, clubs and sports federations, including BFLA, BFKF.

In 2010, he completed the author’s fitness training system – “JK Fit Motion”, built a sports training center with special equipment for practical application and personally approved the system. The results achieved with it with highly qualified athletes prove its practical significance and effectiveness.
Fitness consultant for volleyball clubs in Trento, Modena and Verona (Italy) – 2010 – 2024.
Head of Europe for the American Organization of Fitness Trainers C.O.R.F.I.T. (USA) – since 2005
Lecturer at the North American Fitness Academy – N.A.F.A. (Canada).
Member of the management board of BFKF since 1996. until 2010 and personally accredited by the Secretary of the International Professional Bodybuilding Federation Winston Roberts, as an International Professional Bodybuilding Judge.
Consultant to the “Ministry of Education and Science” on issues related to training and the development of conditioning programs and fitness programs used in sports schools.
Co-founder and co-author of the curriculum and presenter of the first special Fitness training in the history of the “Vasil Levski” NSA.
Leader of specialized courses in fitness, functional-coordination training and conditioning.
In 2021, through a competition, he held the academic position of “professor”.
He owns 3 patents for inventions and is the author and copyright holder of the Author’s product “Fit Motion Training System”.
He has won 18 times the 1st prize in contests for “Beautiful and harmonious body” and has run the marathon distance of 42.195m in an official competition. (for other activities: see by sections)