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The sports club at JK Fitness and SNC was founded in 1995. by Julian Karabiberov. He is famous as “MLO”. It is named after the American dietary supplement company MLO, which was the first a company represented by SNC. At the same time, MLO is a sponsor of club athletes.

Bodybuilding competitors

Стоил Стоилов

Stoil Stoilov

Христомир Христов

Hristomir Hristov

Димитър Димитров

Dimitar Dimitrov

Димитър Димитров

Valentin Petkov

Sports club MLO, and later Universal, first developed competitive bodybuilding and fitness. The first successes of the club are connected with Stoil Stoilov. He ends his career as weightlifter and began bodybuilding for MLO, the club to which he remained loyal until his departure to the USA in 2001. In his five years of competitive activity with the club, he achieves the greatest success for Bulgaria during its time – 4th place at the European Championship IFBB. With this ranking, he makes a breakthrough for Bulgarian bodybuilding on the international podium. IN
In the USA, he won a number of prestigious awards, incl. and US runner-up titles at the veterans. In 2014, Stoil expressed his desire to again participate in the state championship on behalf of the club where he started his career. Unfortunately, it fails to realize this; he passed away in Chicago in July 2014 at the age of 49. Stoil remains in the memory of many fans of the sport of bodybuilding, with his unique temperament and charm on stage and innovation in training methodology. Together with his mentor Julian Karabiberov, they patent progressive for its time device for training the back muscles. Thanks to this device, Stoil builds the broadest upper back musculature of a Bulgarian bodybuilder. The next big success for the club and Bulgaria was the ranking in 8th place at the world championships Reneta Shirvanyan’s Brazil Championship – fitness. Reneta also starts and finishes hers career (1996-2001) in club MLO, as her coach is Stoil Stoilov. It is multiple Republican and Balkan champion.

Successes for the club and Bulgarian bodybuilding followed with the European title at MS Hristomir Hristov, the two-time European and world title of MS Dimitar Dimitrov, as well as a number of others Balkan and European titles of other club competitors to JK Fitness and SNC. Masters of 5 more athletes join the sport, including the absolute world champion in cat. Physicist, Valentin Petkov, the Balkan champion Rosen Miladinov and others.


The athletics team of the “Universal” sports club

The team was founded in 2002 in Sofia. Immediately after its founding, the team began to develops all disciplines in athletics. Its competitors participate with great success in the races, the jumps and throws. Throughout Universal’s history, the club’s athletes have invariably been among them the medalists of state championships.

During different periods of time, the gray-orange team was worn by some of the most prominent Bulgarians track and field athletes in the last decade, as the 2006 European runner-up in the high jump
Mr. Venelina Veneva, the fastest Bulgarian in recent years Desislav Gunev, as well as 2008 World Girls High Jump silver medalist Mirella Demireva.

The team’s main priority is building a strong children’s and youth school. Universal organizes three tournaments for young athletes – the “Tsvetanka Hristova” memorial, “Children of Sofia” and “Athletic Christmas”, and since 2016 a tournament in memory of the famous sports journalist and founder of athletics Grigor Hristov – Grishata. In 2017, Sports Club “Universal” organizes the 1st road run “Student city – run”.

For Universal Athletics Sports Club –

Venelina Veneva

Десислав Гунев

Desislav Gunev

Mirela Demireva

Mirela Demireva