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Sponsor of BFKF – 1995 – 2005
Sponsor of BFNKF – 2006 – 2009
Sponsor of BFLA – 1999 – 2016
Sponsor of the traditional distance “Mountain running – town of Pirdop” – 2014-2016.

Sponsor and material support of a number of competitors:

Bodybuilding – Stoil Stoilov (incl. coach 1990 – 2005, 4th at the European Championship), Hristomir Hristov (Balkan, European and World Champion), Dimitar Dimitrov (Balkan, European and World Champion), Valentin Petkov (Balkan, European and World Champion champion), Reneta Shervanyan (8th at the World Fitness Championship), etc.
Swimming marathon – Petar Stoychev – 2003
Athletics – Georgi Ivanov, Petar Dachev, Momchil Karailiev, Viktor Ninov – 2013 (high jump result for the year – 230 cm), Inna Eftimova, Dobrinka Shalamanova, Dilyana Minkina 2014 – 2016 (republican record holder for girls age) etc.
Supporting the publishing of the Athletica magazine – the official printed edition of the BFLA – 1999-2016.
Sponsor of “Stoychev-Kaziyski” children’s volleyball school – 2015-2016.

An annual monetary award was established for “Best athlete of the year of PG Savo Ts. Savov”, town of Pirdop – since 2013.

Donations for homes for children deprived of parental care – Ruse and Stara Zagora, Vasil Levski Olympic Club – 2010, Construction of the Holy Cross Church – 2011, etc.