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Deputy chairman of KSK Strelbishte – 1984-1988.
Gold badge award for merit and personal contribution to the development of physical culture and sports at the Levski Spartak Sports Complex.
Awarded with distinction – “Excellent” for labor activity at the “Georgi Dimitrov” VIF, with order No. 1150 of the “Georgi Dimitrov” VIF, entered in the Labor Book – 21.05.1985.
Co-founder of the first municipal Sports Club in Sofia – “Triaditsa”, Gotse Delchev, Obst. Triad. (Founders – Todor Stefanov, Vili Lilkov, Plamen Krastev, Julian Karabiberov) – 1991
Award Plaque for contribution to the development of fitness science presented by C.O.R.F.I.T. INT (USA) – 2005
Awards for outstanding merits and personal contribution to the development of Bulgarian athletics – CS of BSFS and Bulgarian Athletics Federation – 1984, 2016.
Certificates for personal contribution to Mountain Running in Bulgaria – 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Certificate of participation in the 1st European Olympic Games in Baku – 2014.
IFBB International Bodybuilding Accredited Judge Certificate – 2007 and international judging of bodybuilding and fitness competitions.
Member of the Board of Directors of the BFBF from 1998 to 2010.
Member of the BFNBF Board of Directors from 2006 to 2009.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Marin Manchev Athletics Club, Pravets – 2014-2016.
Participation and assistance in events of the Bulgarian Association for the Protection of Patients, as a scientific consultant on the issues of fitness and sports for all, the optimization of body composition and weight, the healthy lifestyle of patients with various diseases.